Storm survivors near Felicity, OH mourning the loss of two

Two people near the town of Felicity, OH in Clermont county were killed by the storm that blew through the region Friday afternoon.  The bodies of 54-year-old James Prater and Bill Adkins were found in the debris of their homes.

Neighbor Donald McClanahan searched for Prater shortly after the storm ended.

"He had some two by fours and stuff laying on him. We were all looking back towards the wood because that's where all the stuff was blown, that's exactly where we went and nothing. Then the fire department said we found him, that's when I had to go identify him and stuff," said McClanahan.

McClanahan says Prater's death is hard, but he says during times like these the community pulls together. "My whole family is here. The neighbors just stopped by and wanted to know if we wanted any water or anything and they were all helping us search last night, so its been a real community thing," said McClanahan.

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