Storm takes the life of a popular Moscow councilwoman

The tornado sirens made is possible for many people in Moscow to get out in time, although some people did not.

Unfortunately, a popular village Councilwoman, Carol Forster, did not make it through the storm. FOX19 talked with her niece who said Forster and her son went to the basement to take cover, but when the storm was over, only her son got up and walked out.

"I've never been so scared in my life. And it's just like they say, it sounds just like a train or a plane coming right at you," said her niece.

She says not only can you hear the tornado coming, but you can see it.

"It blinds you, you can't see anything," she said. "It came from across the river. When it comes from across the river, you don't see anything, it just hits you. The same way with the storms, you don't get much warning."

She says her aunt will be remembered for her sense of humor.

"She was hilarious, she would crack you up. She'd make jokes about most everything. She had a simples way of thinking about things and the way she would say them, it was just the way she put it. It just made you lighthearted and, I don't know, just easy," she said.

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