Residents come together to cleanup in Carrollton

Some of the most severe damage from the tornado is in Carrollton. The good news, there are no injuries to report as all of the damage is structural.

Volunteer fire fighters, neighbors and strangers gathered Saturday to help clean up the pieces the tornado left behind.

"I grabbed my wife and said it's here and so we went into the bedroom and got in the closet," said Tex Mitchell.

Mitchell recently retired and just bought his home a month ago.

"I looked out the bedroom window and I seen debris, the neighbors' trampoline flying through the air and then I seen the carport raise up in the air," said Mitchell.

The carport came smashing down on his brand new Explorer.

Across the street, it's more of the same in the Harbor Pointe Estates Subdivision. There are chunks missing from homes and a lot of aluminum siding scattered in the yards.

The community is determined to pull together and get through the destruction the storm brought.

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