Red Cross opens service centers

The American Red Cross has opened several service centers, in place of shelters, to assist victims of last week's tornadoes.

The Red Cross has already closed shelters at New Richmond High School in New Richmond, Ohio and he Red Cross also closed the shelter at Grant County High School in Dry Ridge.

Service centers are now available at the following locations:

  • River of Life Church - 1793 US Highway 52 Moscow, Ohio 45153
  • River of Life Assembly 1793 US – 52 Moscow, OH
  • Crittenden Baptist Church Russell St., Crittenden, Kentucky
  • Northern Pendleton Fire Department Junction of KY – I54 & K9-10 Peach Grove, KY
  • Holton Community Center, 7056 Versailles St., Holton, IN

Relief efforts will now include support to assist affected residents with clean up efforts.

The Red Cross has more than 100 volunteers staffing the operation including individuals from Dayton, Columbus, and Troy, Ohio. There are currently eight emergency relief vehicles (ERV) out in the field, and so far the Red Cross has provided approximately 6,000 meals/snacks and over 215 comfort kits.

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