Volunteers come together to cleanup Piner

PINER, KY (FOX19) - Firefighters, church members and volunteers from all over the Tri-State gathered to help cleanup in Piner on Sunday.

Sifting through what's left of their homes and thankful for escaping this storm alive, the cleanup process continues with the help of volunteers.

"Stuff was smashing, windows were breaking and we ran into the bedroom and heard it just disintegrating around us," said resident Thomas Brackman.

One house was torn from its foundation, in the next house, a mother and son were briefly trapped.

"Normally we have storm that come in, trees down and wires down, nothing like this," said Tiffany Norris.

Volunteers from churches and fire departments from across Northern Kentucky came to their aid.

"It makes me want to cry at the same time, it makes me happy knowing that there's this many people reaching out to those in need," said resident Ronda Moyer.

Piner residents say they need the basics such as clothing and toiletries. If you want to volunteer or make a donation, call the Piner Baptist Church at 859-356-3222.

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