Student Turns To FOX 19 To Learn Fate of Dog

Carrie Apfeld's friend and companion is missing. And it breaks her heart.

"I really took care of him," the University of Miami student told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Carrie's buddy is an eight-month old Huskie mix she calls Deville.

Last week, when Carrie went to Florida with her sister, Deville was placed in a secure kennel along with her sister's dog, Deville's mother. The women's father dropped by daily to feed and water the animals.

When the sisters returned from vacation, the dogs were gone.

There was also a message on Carrie's answer machine explaining the dogs got loose and were taken to the Animal Friends Humane Society in Trenton.

When Carrie and her sister showed up the following morning to get their pets, Deville wasn't there, and the shelter refused to tell Carrie what happened to her dog. So, she called FOX 19.

"I want to know if he was adopted or put to sleep," she said.

Here's what FOX 19 discovered:

According to Ohio law, a shelter must hold licensed dogs 14 days. Unlicensed dogs are kept three days. In this case, neither animal was licensed.

If the dog isn't claimed during that period, the animal is either put up for adoption or euthanized.

Policy at the Trenton shelter is not to reveal the animal's fate.

"A lot of people if you tell them their dog was euthanized they get very angry," said Glenna Carroll, who works at the shelter. "Some people don't want to know."

FOX 19 also spoke with the shelter's lawyer and found out more information:

The dogs were picked up February 25th while the sisters were in Florida. One of them was put up for adoption. Deville was euthanized February 28th.

Breaking this news to Carrie wasn't easy.

She understands it's the law, but says shelters need to do a better job of educating the public about these laws.

"They need to tell their policies. Regulations. What they will do with the dog."

Carrie's sister was able to adopt her dog back. The shelter wouldn't say why Deville was euthanized.

Animal Friends Humane Society said it's sad what happened, and urges all dog owners to get their animals licensed.