Mitt Romney wins Ohio GOP primary

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has won the Ohio GOP Presidential primary.

Romney also won races Tuesday night in Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia.

The Ohio Republican presidential primary was the most critical and hard-fought contest of Super Tuesday. Romney did best in Ohio metropolitan areas, as well as among voters worried about the economy and making sure the GOP nominated the best candidate to defeat President Barack Obama.

The former Massachusetts governor had nearly 38 percent of the vote with 97 percent of precincts reporting unofficial returns. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum was sixth-tenths of a percentage point behind at 37.2 percent. Romney prevailed in another November swing state to bolster his front-runner status over the former Pennsylvania senator.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich was third, at 15 percent, in the state that lies between Romney's native Michigan and Santorum's home state. Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who largely bypassed Ohio, was running fourth at 9 percent.

FOX19's Ben Swann sat down with Romney while he was in Cincinnati on Saturday. You can watch that interview here.

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