ODOT helps tackle the timber in Moscow

MOSCOW, OH (FOX19) - Debris still fills the yards and homes are boarded up as volunteers work with homeowners try to chip away at the damage caused by Friday's tornadoes.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is teaming up with neighboring towns and even the National Guard to help tackle the timber.

"Our track hoe can grab huge amounts of brush and trees all at one time and pick them up and bring them to the truck. It would take human being hours just to cut up the wood small enough to be able to handle," said Josh Wallace, Clermont County Manager of ODOT.

The debris piles are growing by the truck load, but the limbs haven't just fallen in Moscow. All over southeast Clermont County, workers are doing what they can to pick up the pieces.

"In a situation like this, this is exactly when you need the help the most," said James Hall of Mt. Olive.

Hall says his honey-do list was getting maxed out with the damage to his house and all the other debris on his property he had to deal with. That's when he noticed ODOT clearing the roadside debris.

"I was a little surprised this was being taken care of, but that's one less job for me."

"A lot of people think all we do is plow snow in the winter time but we're also here for any type of situation like this that may occur," said Wallace.

With every load that gets driven away to a lumber pile, storm victims are moving closer to moving on.

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