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Sixth day of deliberations in Dimora corruption trial ends without verdict


The sixth day of deliberations has ended in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial.

Thursday, Jurors asked  'How is "other income" defined - regarding a 2004 tax return.' This is the first question they asked of Judge Sarah Lioi in the past three days.

The tax charges are among the last in the 37 charges against Dimora and co-defendant Michael Gabor.  It is unclear if jurors began with count one and are working numerically.  The charge they are asking about is number 34.  If they began at one and are moving toward 37 this could indicate that deliberations are drawing to a close.

The judge released the jury verdict forms on a federal electronic filing site.  They are copies of the actual forms that jurors will fill out count by count saying if Dimora and Gabor are guilty or not guilty of each count. Each juror must sign each form.

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