Trailer park residents fight back against eviction notice

LOVELAND, OH (FOX19) - Residents of the Lake Remington Trailer Park in Clermont County say they're angry and confused after getting notice they have until March 11 to move out.

The property has been condemned by the county health department because the owner has refused to upgrade the sewage system. Residents were told back in January that they would have until May 4.

Mike King has lived at Lake Remington for 16 years and says moving will be a hardship for many of his neighbors.

"There's people here that live here that just cannot afford to pick up and leave," said King.

King says he wasn't happy when a receiver delivered the last eviction notice.

"He can go straight to hell because we ain't going to pay him another dime," he said.

The Lake Remington residents says they've stopped paying their lot fees because they're worried they won't get back their security deposits.

Bryan Whitaker has lived on the property for eight years and says many of his neighbors are struggling.

"There's folks in here that are disabled, older people....single. They don't have anybody, they don't have any family. Where do they come up with that come up with that kind of money when they live on social security of $800 a month," said Whitaker.

Pat Howard says he and other residents feel like they've got no one to help them.

"Our treatment from both the county and the bank has been atrocious. They have no sympathy at all for the tenants here," said Howard.

A court hearing was held Thursday with the judge, bank representatives, the receiver and Lou Blessing, an attorney for the residents to work out a possible solution.

"We could give them $500 if they're willing to move by April 1 and then we could go after Lanny Holbrook and heritage for a judgement against them," said Blessing.

Blessing says he will meet with the residents Friday to discuss the offer.

The residents say they want enough money to move, time to do it and compensation for the homes they're being forced to abandon.

In our commitment to balanced news we reached out to Heritage Property Group to get their side of the story, but they were unavailable for comment.

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