Rain adding difficulty to storm damage clean-up

PINER, KY (FOX19) - Rain Thursday put a damper on the clean up process in tornado damaged areas of the Tri-state.

In Piner, the storm lifted Judy Cooper's roof off her dream house, setting it back down with the curtains left outside.

She spent the day Thursday carrying out what she could with the help of her family while leaving just the glass, rubble, and insulation behind.

"We're horse and at night I lay down and I cough," Cooper said. "I can tell that I'm breathing debris."

Despite all they have lost, Judy considers herself lucky.

"The loss of all the years, everything you worked for … but that's all replaceable," Cooper said.

She says the help of not only family, but strangers, is getting her through.

"It's just an overwhelming appreciation that I feel," Cooper shared with tears in her eyes.  "I never dreamed the generosity and the kindness of all the people from everywhere, from every community around us."

Cooper has even found thankfulness in the rain that came down Thursday.

"It's fortunate we have the rain," she said. "There's a lot of places that are tearing down what's left of the frames of their homes and it settles the dust."

She says she does not mind it, even despite the puddles that means for her hardwood floors.

"Even if it's dripping on my floor," she nodded.

With an endless list of things to do, Cooper says the thing she misses most in the chaos is her job.

"It's stability," she said teary-eyed. "Getting up at the same time and coming back at the same time."

With five family members all losing their homes in the area due to the tornado, Cooper says together the family will move forward one day at a time.

"We'll just support each other and rebuild," Cooper said. "That's what we'll do."

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