Sycamore Township Fire Department wants trustees to reconsider outsourcing

SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Sycamore Township fire fighters are looking to its administration for an answer on saving more than a million dollars within the department.

Fire fighters held a public press conference Thursday morning asking the administration for a response to it's proposal submitted last month.

"On February 16 of 2012, the fire fighters presented a proposal that we believe would save the township $1.6 million," says fire fighter Kelby Thoreson.

The administration is currently accepting RFP's, Requests for Proposals, from independent Fire and EMS contractors. Township trustees say outsourcing the fire department will save money and prevent an increase in taxes.

"The trustees in Sycamore are 100 percent committed to maintaining a high level of EMS and fire protection for the residents of Sycamore Township," says trustee Tom Weidman.

March 21 is the deadline for RFP's to be submitted to the trustees before a final decision is made but the administration assures several fire fighters will keep their jobs.

"It will be required by the new company to interview every one of our existing fire personnel because a.) we think we have a lot of good guys and b.) we think continuity is extremely important," says Weidman.

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