Fiancee of storm victim remembers deadly night

The fiancee of Armondo Hernandez, one of the victims of last Friday's storms in Holton, Ind., is talking about how she survived the storm.

Patti Prater was in her trailer when the storms hit. She found herself being lifted up by the winds of the tornado.

"I felt myself going through the walls of the trailer and then I remember feeling like the trailer was sucked off of me," she said. "I was laying out in the mud in the cornfield...I felt it right on my face and I'm getting hit with debris in the back of my head. Then I looked up and I was like, 'Oh, I made it. I'm still alive.'"

When she looked up, she started looking for Armondo. She soon discovered that he did not survive.

"You can replace a house and furniture and everything, but you can't replace a life," she said.

Patti was also supposed to look after her daughter's children the night of the storms, but her daughter told her that it was too late so she didn't take them.

It was a decision that could have saved their lives.

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