Catholic high school students volunteer for tornado clean-up

CALIFORNIA, KY (FOX19) - About 50 students from four Catholic high schools joined together to volunteer their time on Friday in support of the clean-up effort resulting from the March 2 tornados.

All of the students met at Newport Central Catholic before traveling to the work site in California, Kentucky where Milissa Schack and her husband Jim own an 80-acre farm. Schack says she's grateful. "These kids of just....the more hands, we need so many hands in this and its been tremendous."

Schack says there's plenty of work to do. "The debris damage right now is what we're fighting with because we have cows getting ready to calve. We've got to get this cleaned up."

Kevin Keller, junior from St. Henry's says volunteering is the right thing to do. "Help somebody else out in need...I mean that's what we're called to out people who are dealt a rough hand. "

Covington Catholic senior Grant Guess says helping out is gratifying . "Personally I can walk home today...thinking that I did my part. I can feel good about myself and the fact that I'm helping others and I'm making a difference."

Milissa Schack says all the help is welcome. "Anybody that calls in to help I'm all for it because been overwhelming...for my husband it's been four generations on this farm."

Volunteer manager Lauren Young at Catholic Charities coordinated the volunteer efforts on behalf of the diocese of Covington with support from Catholic Charities USA's Disaster Response Office.

This marks one of many organized work days over the next several months.

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