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President denies federal disaster relief to Clermont County

Village of Moscow (Source: Clermont County) Village of Moscow (Source: Clermont County)

A spokesperson from Governor John Kasich's office says that President Obama has denied federal aid to areas of Clermont County affected by last week's storms.

In response to the denial of aid, Governor Kasich said, "I'm sad for Clermont County that tonight the President said no to my request for the maximum amount of federal aid for them. I'm immediately applying for alternative federal disaster relief through the Small Business Administration and that request will be sent Saturday morning.  I'm going to continue to work with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to try to find a solution to the housing shortage the disaster has created and I hope that we can find an innovative, outside-the-box solution."

Kasich originally said that he was not going to request federal aid, but reportedly changed his mind after seeing damage estimates from inspectors. He wrote a letter to the president on Wednesday asking for the maximum level of federal aid.

Saturday after the storm, Kasich declared a state of emergency in Clermont County, and called the National Guard to assist with the clean up.

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