Residents reject offer to move out of condemned trailer park

CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Residents of the Lake Remington trailer park have rejected an offer that would have given them $500 per family to move out, but only if all the tenants move out by April 1.

Bob Egbers has lived at Lake Remington 14 years and says the offer is insulting. "500, you know that's not going to do a whole lot of good," Egbers says. "Heritage management let this place go to hell and then the county stepped in and they want to shut us down."

The Clermont County Health Department will not renew the license for the property because the owner has refused to make repairs to the sewage system. Egbers says he and other residents feel mistreated.

Elaine Hammons says the situation is keeping her on edge. "I've been really stressed about this. I just got out of the hospital today about stress. The hospital says I need to go home and rest, get all this stress out of my mind, but how can you do that," said Hammons.

Hammons says she works two jobs, but still lives hand to mouth. She says the offer is too little.

"It costs us way more than $500 to get out of an place and move into a place," said Hammons.

Mike King says he's angry at what's being done to the resident and he says many have few options. "These people don't have a place to go, there's a bunch of people up the street don't have a place to go and the bank knew that when they made the offer," said King.

Bob Egbers says there seems to be an urgency to move people out and he's suspicious

"They already have a buy. It all seems to be a little funny, like they're all in cahoots to move us out of here to turn the land over to a businessman," said Egbers.

Lou Blessing, an attorney for the residents, says his clients will have to move out because the county will shut off the water May 5 and anyone who remains after that will be evicted.

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