Councilman Sittenfeld to announce city pothole blitz

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati councilman P.G. Sittenfeld is set to announce plans to tackle a growing problem with potholes on city streets.

Councilman Sittenfeld will be joined by the City's Public Services Department on Tuesday to announce that mid-March to mid-April will be "Pothole Month" in Cincinnati, when the change of weather causes most potholes to form.

"People's cars are taking a beating," Sittenfeld said. "As part of this pothole blitz, our Public Services Department is increasing resources and customer service delivery to attack the pothole issue in our City. These are the kind of basic services people rightly expect from their local government."

Sittenfeld added that citizens' participation is a key component of the blitz. Residents are encouraged to go to to report potholes they encounter. As part of the initiative the website will be re-tooled to make reporting potholes easier and more user friendly by choosing "Pothole Repair" on the menu of service requests. Users who enter their email address with their request will receive a follow-up notification that a team is being dispatched to fix the pothole and another notification once the pothole has been fixed.

Sittenfeld said citizens can also send pictures of especially hazardous potholes, and the address of their location, directly to his Council office at

"I talked about potholes constantly during our campaign, and it resonated because they impact everyone," Sittenfeld said. "I'm glad that today we're putting a renewed focus on customer satisfaction."

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