Communication officials say dispatcher handled 911 call properly

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The Hamilton County communication officials say the 911 call from the Green Township shooting on Sunday morning was handled properly by the dispatcher.

They also say that dealing with an emotional and frantic caller is no easy task.

"Oh God he's in. Oh God, hurry up. Please tell them to get in here. Oh my God," said a hysterical Sherri Franks as her ex-husband was entering her parents' apartment armed with a gun.

Throughout the nearly six and a half minute 911 call, the Hamilton County dispatcher tried to keep Franks calm. At one point, Franks and the dispatcher seemed to get tense with each other.

"Do you see him?" said the dispatcher during the 911 call.

"He's in the basement," said Franks.

"Well he isn't in your apartment if he is in the basement," said the dispatcher.

"Yes he is! Tell the cops to come," said Franks.

Debra Stockelman is the operations manager at the Hamilton County Communication Center and says the call didn't sound unusual to her.

"I don't think I heard anything out of the norm. She may have been trying to get the caller's attention at one point. Sometimes the caller is so upset about what they are experiencing that maybe they're not listening to the dispatcher," said Stockelman.

She says each dispatcher goes through two to three weeks of in-classroom training and then trains with an officer for six to nine months.

"What we'll probably do with that call is play it for new dispatchers or play it for dispatchers who have been here and sit and listen to it and critique it for things we could use for further reference," said Stockelman.

David Franks is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on Tuesday morning.

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