Simon Kenton High School holds mock school shooting

INDEPENDENCE, KY (FOX19) - Independence Police officers and a citizens patrol took part in a mock school shooting at Simon Kenton High School Tuesday. Toy guns and foam bullets were used to make the scenario seem as real as possible, said authorities.

"They're coming down the hall and it feels like they're trying to kill you," said sophomore Nick Parker. "I'm just happy this city is getting ready just in case a school shooting should happen here."

Authorities say they can no longer afford to wait for SWAT team members to arrive.

"We have to engage the suspect because time costs lives," said Simon Kenton resource officer, Russ Wood.

Following the Columbine shootings in 1999, the U. S. Secret Service compiled data showing that in 81 percent of school shootings, at least one other person had prior knowledge of the attacker's plans but failed to speak up.

"See something, say something," said Wood.

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