Archdiocese Responds To New Priest Allegation

by Gene Cox,

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is responding to an accusation that they sent priests who were known pedophiles to live together in one parish.  The priest who's now accused a second time of molesting a boy served for several years in the 1980's in Our Lady of Victory Parish, Father Tom Feldhaus, served in Delhi along side Fathers Lawrence Strittmatter and David Kelley.  Archdiocese of Cincinnati spokesperson, Dan Andriacco, says Feldhaus was not sent to Our Lady of Victory on purpose.  "There was never any deliberate attempt to put known child abusers together in any one parish or any one school or any one section of the archdiocese," Andriacco said.  He went on to say, "In the case of priests we know for sure are abusers we want to get rid of them as soon as possible."  Meantime Our Lady of Victory parishoners are having a difficult time dealing with their parish name returning to the news headlines.  Tom Strotman who's been a member of the congregation for more than 25 years says, "It is a very good parish and it is not something you need to put your faith in one man.  You need to put your faith in Jesus Christ."  Parishoner Julie Schmidt says the archdiocese has to continue to accept blame for past actions when the facts merit it.  "I think at the archdiocese they need to look at that and say this is intolerable behavior.  It's not tolerated in the public and it's not tolerated in the community.  It certainly can't be tolerated in the clergy,"  Schmidt said.  Feldhaus has not been convicted of any crime and as of yet the allegations against him both in a 2003 civil lawsuit and a civil lawsuit filed this week have not been proven to be true.  Feldhaus could not be reached for comment.  He is on paid administrative leave during the investigations. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati and Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk are also named in the suit filed Monday.