Homeowners frustrated with contract services after ALB tree removal

BETHEL, OH (FOX19) - Homeowners in Bethel, Ohio are speaking out about their frustration over the USDA removing thousands of trees infected with the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

As the trees have been removed, the stump holes left behind were contracted out by Young's General Contracting Inc. to be filled with topsoil.

But homeowners like Laura Weber are finding wood chips and mulch instead.

"Just the massive yard damage has been the most shocking," says Weber.

"With all the wood chips that are in the stumps right now I don't know how any grass is going to be able to grow."

Mike McCarthy says the homeowners have a contract with Young's that requires topsoil.

It states in Section Top Soil Replacement: The excavated area shall be filled with topsoil. The topsoil shall be firmly tamped. Topsoil shall be mounded to three inches (3") above the existing grade to account for further settling. Seed will be applied where necessary.

"They have a contract with us to restore our property back to its original condition and I'm having a hard time believing that is going to happen," says McCarthy.

Phone calls and requests made to Young's and the USDA for comment were not fulfilled.

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