CPS superintendent to take pay cut to help $43 million budget cut

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A vote was held Monday night by the Cincinnati Public Schools to lay off 40 administrators in an effort to save the $43 million the district needs to balance its budget.

The district is required by state law to balance its budget. CPS had to cut more than 200 jobs last year but were able to do so through attrition without actually having to lay anyone off. The cuts involved about 20 percent of field administrators including two principals and 21 assistant principals.

These cuts only affected administrators whose contracts were up for renewal. Those who had the option of renewing by the end of March and did not do so were the most affected.

It also cut 20 percent of its central office staff which involves managers and directors. Next school year's budget is down two percent due to increased costs and declining revenues. A tax levy presented to the voters was not passed last November.

Superintendent Mary Ronan's salary is $189,000 per year. She will officially retire, then be hired back at a salary of $99,000 per year.

"I'm doing this in an effort to contribute myself," she said. "Two more teaching positions can be saved with the $90,000 I'm saving the schools."

The schools say the average salary of a Superintendent in a district this size in the United States is $239,000.

Teachers will be laid off next month. It is unclear how many jobs will be affected. The district has 33,000 students.

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