Florida Travel Agency Under Investigation

"Want a check," says the waitress to a customer.

Waiting on tables at this a Northern Kentucky pizza parlor. That's where you'll find Lindsey Kearns when she's not taking classes at NKU.

It's a hectic schedule. So, last September when Lindsey and a friend planned a spring break trip to Cancun, she was excited.

"Relaxation and tanning!"

Lindsey got burned, all right. But not by the sun.

Instead of lounging on the beaches in Cancun (last week). Lindsey was serving pizza.

Here's what happened.

Lindsey booked a trip through EZ Travel the World out of Orlando, Florida. Five days and four nights at a Cancun hotel. Food and drink included. The cost? About $700 bucks for the both of them.

That was in September.

In January, Lindsey got a bad feeling about the deal and cancelled. She was hoping to get a refund and maybe plan another trip.

"I had a feeling that things were bogus," she said.

The company promised Lindsey would receive a refund within 30 to 45 days. The check never arrived. So Lindsey called FOX 19.

"I would really like to get my money back," she told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

Good luck!

FOX 19 spoke with the Florida state office that regulates travel businesses, and here's what we uncovered about EZ Travel the World.

Over 20 customers recently filed complaints about this company regarding refunds.The company is not licensed to provide travel services. FOX 19 also learned that the company is now under investigation.

In additional, the Federal Trade Commission has received over a dozen complaints about this company.