Bearcat fan married to OSU grad celebrating wedding anniversary

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - David and Julie McGinnis live in a house divided.

David is a University of Cincinnati graduate, works for the university and is a die-hard Bearcats fan.

Julie McGinnis is an OSU grad who lives and breathes Buckeyes.

David and Julie are celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary on the same day that the Bearcats and the Buckeyes face off in Boston.

David says he and Julie will try to keep their rivalry at bay when they go out for a celebratory dinner, but he admits it isn't easy being married to a Buckeye fan.

"It's tough I won't lie," David said. "It requires that you make a few sacrifices. You have to be able to accept people warts and all."

David says he tried to hide all of his wife OSU T-shirts, ball caps and accessories, but she apparently had a Buckeye T-shirt stashed away just for tonight's game.

Julie declined to appear with her husband on FOX19, but she did issue this statement: "It's good for him that the Bearcats are such big strong guys, because he's going to need their help digging himself out of this hole after the Buckeyes win tonight."

David says Julie will be merciless if the Bearcats lose. "It's going to be rough I cannot lie. I'm going to be eating crow for awhile. Its going to be a lot of quiet time for me."

David says he'll probably gloat if the Bearcats win. "When you live in Cincinnati you don't have too many opportunities to gloat unreservedly about your sports affiliations so I plan to make the most of it."

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