KY man imprisoned for DUI death up for parole

Matthew Neil Miles (Source: Kentucky Department of Corrections)
Matthew Neil Miles (Source: Kentucky Department of Corrections)

WARSAW, KY (FOX19) - A Kentucky man sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing a woman in drunk driving crash is up for parole next month.

Samantha Spade was killed in November of 2007 after a car driven by Matthew Neil Miles slammed into her vehicle in Gallatin County. Miles had a blood alcohol level of 0.23 two hours after the accident.

The family of Samantha Spade says they'll do everything they can to keep Matthew Neil Miles behind bars.

Samantha's grandmother Nancy Caudill says the crash broke her heart. "She loved everybody...she was there for everybody. We'll never heal.....every time we think of her we cry."

Samantha's aunt, Linda Suttles says Miles shouldn't be released. "I don't think its fair for him to get parole. He should be there for 20 years."

Samantha's uncle, Robert McHatton worries about would happen if Miles were to be released. "The parole board needs to look at what will happen if they let him out....he's going to do it again."

Miles had a history of drinking and driving before the fatal accident and family friend Linda Bickers says its clear Miles needed help and never got it.

"Neil has had a problem basically all of his life and the people that could have helped him and even helped this family from losing their loved one at this point," said Bickers. "If they would have taken care and recognized this in the beginning....we wouldn't be experiencing these things."

Linda Suttles says she plans to be at the parole hearing to voice her opinion. "He should not get know its not fair...she's dead....he's still alive. "

In our commitment to balanced news FOX19 reached out to Miles' attorney, Wilbur Zevely, to find out why he thinks his client should be paroled, but Zevely was not available for comment.

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