iPad 3 vs. discounted iPad 2

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A record 3 million new iPads sold over the first weekend of its release and Apple fans continue to snatch them up. But is it really such a great deal? You might be better off sticking with the older model.

The new iPad's biggest selling point is its incredibly lifelike high definition or Retina display screen.

"It has twice the resolution of the iPad 2, so it's ideal for watching high def movies, high def games, and it's going to appeal to a lot of people," explained Greg Rios of Verizon Wireless.

You can now buy the older, non-high-def iPad 2 at a $100 discounted price of $399.

So the old model, which does all the same things, is a much better deal on paper. Still, almost everyone in the lunch crowd said they want the new model, not the old one.

"I like the most latest and greatest technology. So I would go for the iPad 3," said iPad fan Larissa McCall.

"You always buy the newest Apple product. You can't go back a generation. So I would buy the new one," said iPad fan Marci Simonson.

Bloggers said there is a reason: Fans of Apple products want the latest. Last year's iPad or iPhone is old news.

But if money is very important to you, and you do not consider high definition video essential, the discounted iPad 2 is worth considering.

Finally, if you are really on a budget, consider a refurbished iPad 2, for another $50 off the original price. Sure it has been used before, but if you buy from Apple, it is reconditioned with warrantees so you don't waste your money.

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