Is $4 per gallon gas enough to make you consider biking?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Maybe the gorgeous weather the Tri-State has been having, along with $4 per gallon gas, is the sign you've been waiting for.   Is it time to trade your four-wheel gas guzzler in for an old-fashioned pedal pusher?

FOX19 talked with some cycling enthusiasts Monday.  Their endorsements of biking in the Tri-State were unequivocal.  Just do it.

Alex Temple bikes to work downtown from his home near the Cincinnati Zoo.  He says it's a relief to not have to worry about how much gas costs, and that it's been an incredible boost to his health, as well.  Temple lost 45 pounds after he started biking to work year-round.  He says if the thought of biking to work is too intimidating, try biking to errands close to home first.  He's also part of a bicycle co-op in town that has plenty of resources to offer those looking for support.

Smale Riverfront Park in downtown has just received its shipment of rental bikes for the upcoming season.  But they will also offer a service for those who bike to work downtown.

Jared Arter is in charge of getting the Bike Center up and running.  He says they will soon have secure indoor bike parking with 24/7 access for members, and also have shower and locker facilities so cyclists can walk up to their downtown offices refreshed and ready for their day.

To reach the Queen City Bike group, which offers resources for those interested in cycling, click here.

To reach the MoBo Bicycle Co-op, where you can meet others knowledgeable about bikes, and learn to take care of your own bike, click here.

For more information about Smale Riverfront Park, which will start renting bikes, and open its secure bike parking May 1, click here.

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