Cincinnati foundation contributes info for Supreme Court decision

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati felt it had something relevant to share with the highest court in the land, as it debates the future of health care legislation across the country.

"We chose not to take a position on the law, for or against the law, all we wanted to do was to present this data that we thought would be useful to the justices in their deliberations," said Jim Schwab, Chairman of the Foundation.

That data was collected from 20 counties in the Tri-State only, so the information is specific to the Cincinnati area.  Among the findings, Schwab says, is that overwhelmingly, people with health insurance get better health care than those without.  Schwab also pointed out that among those who are uninsured, almost no one chooses to be that way.  It is simply a function of cost.

The information was submitted to the court several months ago and is purely for the justices' information, something to help them as they weigh their decision, expected not to be handed down for weeks, but which will ultimately affect us all.

Read the brief here.

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