What's Working: Collaborating on Health Care

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Insurance providers. Hospitals. Doctors. Employers.  When it comes to complex issues, health care coverage for us all is hard to top. But that isn't deterring a group called the Health Collaborative in Cincinnati.

FOX19 spoke with Dr. Barbara Tobias, Medical Director for the Collaborative.  She's a family physician, but now devotes most of her time to helping the ailing health care system around her, and she says Cincinnati is an ideal place to do it.

"It truly is a perfect storm, where all of the players are in line to really make things happen," said Dr. Tobias.

The Collaborative works with the area's Fortune 500 companies, hospital systems and health care providers because if any of the major stakeholders are not part of the equation, they say, the efforts will not work.

The Collaborative is also creating ways for doctors to be reviewed and evaluated based on numbers and success in certain areas of their work, and they're making that information available online.

Other cities have taken note of the work being done here.  Dr. Tobias says they are a model for others to potentially look at for guidance.  She says the time is right, and people are ready for change, and the Collaborative is there to help pave the way.

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