Ohio leads the nation in job growth

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Ohio's employment picture is looking rosier by the minute. In fact, the Buckeye state leads the nation in job growth.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Ohio added 28,300 jobs in February which beat out Texas and New York.

Chris Koch with Koch Sporting Goods says he's got plenty of reason to be optimistic about the economy. "I think its looking up. Our business is...I mean we've been busy every single day....Saturday's are crazy. We've hired a couple of employees and still looking for one or two more," he said.

Holy Grail General Manager Nick Ramsey says his restaurant has only been open one year, but business is booming.

"We just added about 20 more jobs. We now employ roughly 74 people...75 and that's going to be the key to the economy....jobs, jobs, jobs," said Ramsey. "As more things open up down here, more in the downtown area I think the economy is just going to get better. More people are going to have jobs, more spending money....they're going to spend here, they're going to spend there and I think all around its just going to go up."

"Based on the good work of the people of the state, the workers here, our location and our size, people are getting confidence they can expand here or locate here," said Governor John Kasich, explaining why there's a good reason for growth in employment.

FOX19'S financial expert Nathan Bachrach says it boils down to three factors:

"First off 200,000 people that would have normally lost their jobs over the winter didn't because it was so mild. Second, a lot exploration and excavation going on in terms of energy and fracking natural gas going on in northern Ohio. Third, the average car is 11 and a half years old and the auto industry has had a couple of really good months."

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