Hamilton County Commissioners tell Museum Center to get more private funds before levy

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County Commissioners met today to discuss the future of a $141 million levy for the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Although they didn't take an official vote, commissioners told the Museum Center to raise more money through private donors before they would consider putting the issue before voters.

In response, the Museum Center released this statement:

"We appreciate the Commissioners' acknowledgement of Cincinnati Museum Center's leadership in the community as expressed today; and their support for a comprehensive public/private cost sharing solution.

We will continue to advocate a solution to stop the deterioration of Union Terminal. Delay results in escalating costs which construction and financing experts tell us could increase the total cost by over $100 million.

We hope the Hamilton county voters will be permitted the opportunity to directly express their will regarding this beloved National Historic Landmark. We must not "kick the can" down the street, we should develop a specific, actionable plan."

The Museum Center also asked for a tax levy on last November's ballot, but it was denied.

If the Museum Center generates the money, they say no more repairs would be needed for another 80 to 90 years.

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