Piner is on the road to recovery one month after destructive tornadoes

PINER, KY (FOX19) - The small, country town of Piner is recovering from the tornado which struck a month ago Monday. Most of its residents have settled with their insurance companies and have started to rebuild. Doug Imhoff rode out the storm in his basement. Now, a month later he's had to burn the rest of his house down and start over.

"Some of the people are doing well and some of them aren't," said Imhoff. As he stood next to what's left of his basement he looks across the highway. "One neighbor has started rebuilding while another is still waiting for his insurance company to come through," he said.

His neighbor, Wayne Cooper, still hasn't gotten a firm answer from his insurance company about how it's going to repair or replace his damaged house. When the tornado came through, it literally lifted the roof and trusses off their foundation, blew the curtains over the wall and then set the roof back down on the foundation.

"Our insurance company has not really been 'Johnny on the Spot' here as far as trying to get something going. Everybody else seems like they're going but we're not," said Cooper.

When asked if he's going to have to hire an attorney he said, "I think so. I think before it's over with we might have to, yes."

Meanwhile, the devastation of the tornado has really hurt Imhoff psychologically. He says he and his wife can no longer relax when a storm is approaching.

"We would sit out and watch the lightning just kind of gawking at it and watch how it unfolded but ever since this happened, as soon as clouds roll in, I'm petrified," said Imhoff.

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