Sayler Park remembers the Super Outbreak of Tornadoes of 1974

SAYLER PARK, OH (FOX19) - Tuesday was the 38th anniversary of the Super Outbreak of Tornados in 1974. In a 24 hour period around April 3 there were 148 tornados that ripped through the United States. The most devastating was in Xenia, Ohio. Six of them were categorized as the strongest possible.

One tore through Ohio County in Indiana, Boone County in Kentucky and the small, river town of Sayler Park in Hamilton County. More than 30 homes were completely destroyed causing millions of dollars in damage.

Weather experts say it was the most photographed tornado in history with winds of 160 miles per hour. No one was killed, but it was a day residents will certainly remember.

"It came right down the street and just kind of skips and hops," said Shirley Biddle. "For awhile it was on the ground and then it picks up."

She went into a corner of her house, lied down and looked upward to see what would happen. "I peeked up and you could hear the wind. The roof got picked up and taken off, it was gone," she said. "It also sucked the bed upwards as well as much of the furniture."

Bobby Shroot was 10 years old at the time but will never forget that day. "The walls started going in and out and the ceiling came down on top of us and the roof came off the house," he said. "We all basically had to crawl out from underneath the house and when we did the subdivision was gone."

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