Tens of thousands of Reds fans line route of opening day parade

The 93rd annual Opening Day Parade got underway Thursday afternoon with tens of thousands of fans lining the parade route.

This year there were more than 200 entries in the parade include marching bands, floats of all types and local celebrities.

Sara Bryant brought her mother and two sons and says she wouldn't miss it for the world. "Reds opening day. This is mine and my son's 8th consecutive year coming down here. It's a tradition we started...we do it every year."

Bryant's mother Ruthanne Terheiden says today is all about the Reds. "This is actually a national holiday....I don't know why its not on the calendar yet."

Robert Fawley says it takes a Reds fan to understand. "Plain and simple....I love the Reds, I grew up with the Reds, I watched the 1990 world series...watched them win the 1990 world series. I fought tooth and nail....waited in the lines for tickets so I'm going to be in the outfield today....rooting for my Reds."

Dave Senger says he likes the atmosphere. "We come to about 15 games or 16 games a year, but its fun being with all the people and having all the fun."

Ruthanne Terheiden says she has a good feeling about her team's chances this year. "The Reds are going to do awesome this year. They've made such wonderful, smart moves and this is a party in itself...its the biggest day of the year."