Families Say Modeling Company Owes Them Thousands!

Amanda Kirby once had aspirations of making some extra money modeling.

But, at age 18, those dreams are gone.

"I don't want to do it any more," she said.

As FOX 19 learned, Amanda is not alone. Several Tri-State teens have a bitter taste in their mouths about the modeling industry. And they blame it on Focus Talent International.

It's a company parents say owe them thousands of dollars. It's also the latest Tell, Tom Consumer Alert.

Here's what happened: Several Tri-State families say they paid Focus Talent International nearly $3,000 each plus air far for a modeling work shop in New York City.

"Workshops, teach them how to handle themselves, hair, makeup, photo shoot and meet-and-greet parities," explained Keli Kirby, Amanda's mother.

The three-day workshop was supposed to be held last April. It was twice re-scheduled before it was finally cancelled last October.

Focus Talent International told the families they would receive full refunds by December 15th. To date, families haven't received a dime. Or an explanation.

"I have not been able to get in touch with anyone," said Keli.

It's not easy. The company is licensed in Las Vegas, Nevada and operates - or did operate - an office in phoenix, Arizona.

But, when FOX 19 called those telephone numbers, we were connected to an answer service in New York City. And a lawyers office in Phoenix.

FOX 18 left several messages at both places, but our calls were not returned.

If Focus Talent International owes you money, the Attorney General's Office in Phoenix, asks that you file a complaint. For more information go to: WWW.AG.State-AZ.US. Or call (602) 542-5025.