After delays, Jesus statue to be complete by mid-summer

After a few minor set backs, crews are back to work on the 51-foot statue called "Come unto me".

The original statue burnt down when it was hit by lightening in 2010.

"I think it is great they are rebuilding it, because I know a lot of people that drive by like to slow down and look at it," said Teresa Lock. "It's one of those structures everybody likes to talk about."

The statue was suppose to be complete by the spring, however the project was set back when the original builders pulled out of the project.

Now the statue will be complete in late June or early July and feature a constant flowing waterfall.

"We have about 20,000 gallons for each pump," said Greg Parker with Meyer Aquascapes. "We have 3 spillways which is going to be roughly 40,000 gallons total coming out of all three. It's going to be pretty big."

Right now the frame of statue is complete but the outer shell is being built in Dayton.  The statue will be delivered to the church in seven pieces and need to be assembled on site. A church spokesperson says it will only take a week put together.

Nearby residents say the statue is good for the area.

"Monroe is such a small little town, and I'm from even smaller little town, so it's kind of cool that it is drawing so much attention and I know it will draw a lot of people from out of town just to look at the new structure," said Lock.

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