Governor Kasich "Meets The Press" as voters talk issues

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - With just over seven months to go until the general election, Ohio Governor John Kasich says Ohio's economy is headed in the right direction. Kasich appeared on NBC's Meet The Press program Sunday morning. He said the auto industry is making a positive impact on employment numbers.

Ohio voters have a few concerns including who the Republican presidential nominee is going to be. "The perception, at least of being anti-women, is going to absolutely hurt the Republicans. said Democratic voter, George Ellis. "I think they're going to take...any Republican is going to take a bath with the women vote." As far as Barrack Obama remaining in office, "I just feel the economy is not really rebounding like it should for as long as he's been in office," said independent voter Tonja Harbour.

The economy is the biggest issue among a group of voters surveyed on Fountain Square Sunday. "People are strugglin. People are strugglin. They really are," said Sherian MCants. Kasich, meanwhile, said, "What we're doing in Ohio is we're moving from a basic manufacturing economy to one that's diversified including energy and health care and agriculture and I.T."

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