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Licensed ticket scalpers say counterfeiters are out of town pros


In the aftermath of the counterfeit ticket scam which occurred on Opening Day, local licensed scalpers are upset. They say they're being unfairly victimized themselves as the Reds are telling people to buy their tickets from its website, or online at StubHub or TicketMaster. A legitimate scalper pays $400 per year for a license and says the counterfeiters came from Atlanta, Georgia and gave them a bad name.

"Our livelihood depends on selling tickets and when we get tickets that have already been sold we refund the fan's money and we have to eat the cost of the ticket," says one scalper who insisted on anonymity. They also said the counterfeiters only worked their scam on Opening Day because they knew the police would be out afterwards.

Reds ticket officials have said there were no reports of counterfeit tickets being presented for Saturday or Sunday's games. "They aren't anywhere near the stadium because they know the fans they sold tickets to would come back and look for them after they found out the tickets were bad," said another scalper. "They also bring five or six changes of clothes so that the fans who bought the tickets wouldn't be able to identify them when they returned to get a refund".

The people who work for the Reds ticket office did not return phone calls or respond to email requests for this story.

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