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The cost of living from 1975 to 2012

We're looking at the cost of buying basic stuff in 1975 compared to today. And there are some numbers that might surprise you. 

Here are some examples: 

In 1975, you would have to work seven hours to buy a coffee maker. It would cost you only an hour's worth of work today. 

For a TV: 154 hours. Notice the price was about $750? A modern flat screen TV will cost you about 13 hours of work. 

A fancy clock radio in 1975 would take you 12 hours of work to buy. Today, only half an hour. 

A typewriter took 57 hours of work back then. Compare that to the 52 hours it now takes to buy a computer. 

Even camera prices have come down. You would work 71 hours back then and only five hours for today's camera. 

Tires for your car? Only eight hours of work then and four hours today. 

A microwave oven ran you more than $400 back then and hours of work. These days, four hours will buy you one. 

The leisure suit — it was briefly the style of the day. There's nothing today to compare that to! 

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