FIRST LOOK: Proposed streetcar design

The red version and the white version
The red version and the white version

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The mayor of Cincinnati announced the proposed vendor for the downtown streetcar project at his State of the City address on Tuesday.

The city is set to start contract negotiations with CAF USA.

CAF is slated to provide up to five streetcars for the first phase of the Cincinnati project.

CAF has produced light rail vehicles for Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and Houston and some European cities.

The vehicles produced by CAF USA for the Cincinnati Streetcar must comply with the federal Buy America program, which requires the vehicles be produced with at least 60% domestic content and that final assembly of the vehicles take place in the United States.

Our streetcars will be assembled in New York state.

A spokesperson from the city the colors shown are not final, the color selection for the streetcars will be one of the next steps.

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