Helpful Tips from the Show

Monday, October 7 - Social Security Disability with guest Matthew Brownfield

  • Social Security paid benefits to about 61.9 million people in 2012
  • Social Security provided at least half the income for 64 % of the elderly in 2011

Monday, September 30 - Hurt On The Job with guest Michael L Weber

  • In Ohio as of 9/8/13, 17,455 worker claims were filed
  • A workers injury payment can be increased if the employer violated a specific safety requirement

Monday, September 16 - Selecting Ohio Judges with guest Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor

  • Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor is the first woman to lead Ohio's Supreme Court
  • All Ohio Judges serve a 6 year term. Kentucky Judges serve an 8 year term

Monday, August 26 - Crime and Punishment with guest William J. Rapp

  • Misdemeanor = crime for which the maximum punishment is less than 1 year jail time
  • Felony = crime punishable by more than 1 year in jail

Monday, August 19 - Ask Us Anything! with guest Bruce Wallace

  • Many companies try to avoid jurors by mandatory arbitration clauses
  • FDA approval is based on what the drug manufacturer word