FOX19 EXCLUSIVE: Police officer involved in hit and run says he's lucky to be alive

NEW MIAMI, OH (FOX19) - New Miami police officer Pat Fackey, 31, is recovering after his police cruiser was struck by a car during a routine traffic stop Tuesday morning.

"I just heard this loud boom, and I honestly don't know what happened," said Fackey. "I was bouncing around the car myself."

Fackey's car was hit by a white Nissan drive by Jake Cordero, 20.

"I had literally just sat down, shut the door, was grabbing some stuff to write some stuff down, finished talking on the radio and then I got hit," said Fackey.

He says if the accident happened 20-30 seconds earlier when he was outside his car his injuries would be life threatening, instead Fackey is noticeably sore and walks with a limp.

"My kids are wanting to play, but I can't really play with them to much and they don't know why daddy is laying on the couch and everything," said Fackey.

Fackey says he doesn't know when he'll be back on the job but says when he does come back he'll be extra cautious.

"I may turn around and look over my shoulder more than I normally do but as far as performing my job, I'm still going to do what I do," said Fackey.  "I'm not going to stop being a police officer or stop pulling vehicles over because it goes with the job."

Cordero is charged with two felonies including leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with evidence.

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