City leaders want citizens to complain about Brent Spence Project

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Covington city leaders are pushing for people to attend a meeting to get transportation leaders to amend a plan for the Brent Spence Bridge project. The current proposal calls for exits going south from Ohio into Kentucky to have only one exit to access 5th Street in Covington and that exit would be between Ezzard Charles Drive and the Western Hills Viaduct in Cincinnati. If motorists miss that exit they would not be able to exit I-75 until they get all the way to Kyles Lane in Fort Wright. That's a stretch of approximately five miles without an exit going through a major city.

In the current proposal, drivers traveling northbound towards Ohio will have only one exit in Covington as well. It would be at 12th Street. For motorists to get to 5th Street they would have to drive through three traffic lights. Currently there are exits at 12th Street and 5th Street.

City leaders in Covington say this is unacceptable and that it will ruin businesses in the Mainstrauss area as well as along 5th Street and in Courthouse Square. To combat this they are asking for people to attend a hearing on the matter which will be held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center on April 24 and 25. There people will be able to voice their opinions to transportation officials who will make the final decision where exits will be planned. The project will not be finished until 2023 at the earliest and most likely beyond 2028.

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