Several arrests made and over 200 guns captured in crime roundup

Cincinnati Police along with federal and state law enforcement agencies arrested several people Thursday named in arrest warrants. Authorities also confiscated at least 200 guns and more than 50 pounds of marijuana.

Police Chief James Craig says it was the latest in a series of operations aimed at cracking down on violent crime. "We are seeking out approximately 130 individuals on a variety of charges...the majority being violent crimes," he said in a press conference.

Craig says the massive round up took a lot of coordination between agencies and was months in the planning. The goal is to get some of the city's worst criminals off the street.

"In addition to the firearms cases we're also targeting 13 individuals who've been involved in a criminal gang located in the Madisonville neighborhood," said Chief Craig. "This gang's activities primarily involve firearms, drugs and armed robberies."

Craig says gangs are the cause of a number of acts of violence. "Criminal gangs who refuse to refrain from violence will be identified and targeted. The neighborhood of Madisonville was the site of two gang related murders in 2011 and that's what got this part of the investigation started. As I said last week in Avondale, the violence must stop. This call to action continues."

With the arrests Craig says the public should see a reduction in crime.

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