Elberon Apartments re-open after being abandoned

EAST PRICE HILL (FOX19) - A grand opening for a newly renovated apartment building was held on Thursday.

The Elberon Apartments were built 90 years ago at the corner of the 8th Street and Elberon Avenue in East Price Hill. After a time, the apartments were abandoned.

Now$ 7 million and 14 months of work later, the historic building is back open.

"The pride that is in this neighborhood has caused this project to happen," said Mark Mallory, Mayor of Cincinnati. "There are so many people who have come together to save this landmark and to reinvigorate the pride and the sense of commitment and the investment that really should be going on in neighborhoods all across the city of Cincinnati."

The newly repaired building has 37 units. It will be for middle to low income people who are 55-years-old and over.

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