Senior Waiting For Sloppy Contractor To Finish House

Before we unravel the details of "The House Renovation From Hell," there's two factors to keep in mind.

First. The home owner admits they were looking for a bargain. Second. Usually, you get what for pay for!

Back to our story.

In November of 2002, David French and his 85-year-old mother, Rosella Porterfield, who now resides at an assisted living center, hired Edward Waters of CJ Restoration. The plan was to build a new addition, back porch and handicap bathroom for Rose.

Fast-forward 16 months and over $30,000 later. The outside of the Northern Kentucky House is partially bricked. And what bricks are down, appear off center.

Inside, there's a large hole in the basement wall where Waters placed a support beam; the metal door in the new addition isn't painted; and Waters never dry-walled over a window when he added on the new bathroom.

The work is shoddy. But the family's big beef - is that 16 months later - the job isn't finished. That's why they called FOX 19.

"I want the job done," French told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Susssi.

FOX 19 called Mr. Waters at home, expecting he was on another job and we'd leave a message.

But he was home.

"You might want to come over and talk to me about this," Sussi explained to Waters during their telephone conversation.

He did.

Sussi: "Tell me what's going on out here?"

Waters: "I don't know. You tell me."

And Thursday night on FOX 19, we'll do just that. And trust me, solving this one won't be easy!

"I had a dead cat in my well. I had to clean my well out," Edwards told Sussi when asked why the job wasn't finished.