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After 30 years of not being able to speak, one woman finds her voice

Jan Christian Jan Christian

Jan Christian, 52, hasn't been able to speak for her entire adult life – until now. She recently completed a series of seven operations on her larynx to restore her speech.

When she was 17 years old she was in a severe automobile accident in which she was thrown forwards and hit her throat on the dashboard. She also broke her neck in four places.

Since that time her voice has been extremely weak and she's had to deal with it – until she met Sid M. Khosla, MD, an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist at University Hospital. He has been working on this type of surgery for several years and is using his background in engineering to perfect it. Prior to turning to medicine he studied engineering at MIT. Since then he's teamed with another University of Cincinnati professor and they have used the technology of aerospace engineering and applied the theories of wind and how it affects a jet engine to how wind affects the ability to speak.

Christian heard of Dr. Khosla one day when she was shopping and woman heard her talking and handed her a card with his name and phone number on it. She suggested Christian call him. "I sure wish I could remember what she looked like and knew who she is," she said. "I like to call it my little ‘Miracle Card'".

She and her husband have been married 33 years and when asked how he likes her ability to talk she said, "he thinks it's great, although he used to joke that he had the perfect wife, one that can't talk".

Khosla says her voice will only get better over time.

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