Police charge man in connection with Westwood shooting

Queen City Avenue shooting scene
Queen City Avenue shooting scene

Cincinnati Police have charged a man in connection with a shooting late Thursday night in Westwood.

Police say Bruce Alexander has been charged with Felonious Assault and Weapons Under Disability. They say another man, Roderick Reid, was charged with Drug Trafficking and Drug Possession.

Police have determined the shooting happened during a drug transaction involving heroin.

A group of Westwood Citizens on Patrol saw the shooting happen around 10 p.m. and then watched as suspects took off from the scene. The incident took place near 2680 Queen City Avenue, which is near East Tower Drive. According to police, the COP members saw a black male firing a handgun at 31-year-old Brandon Demoss.

Police credit the COP members as being key in solving the violent crime.

"These VOLUNTEERS did not act as vigilantes, but rather followed their training and were instrumental in the solving of a violent crime with the arrest of the perpetrators. Their actions resulted in violent criminals being taken off the street and likely prevented future violence in their community," stated a letter released by the department.

After he was shot, police say Demoss ran to a waiting vehicle which drove him a few blocks down the hill to a nearby UDF where fire personnel were working on an unrelated matter.

Demoss was transported to University Hospital. Police say he is in critical condition an currently unable to be interviewed.

Police tell FOX19 COP members used radios to alert officers to the suspects' descriptions as well as the location where suspects fled.

A police canine unit happened to be near the shooting scene, and almost immediately tracked the suspects to the back door of an apartment building in the area. Soon afterwards, police arrested two people at that location and took them in for questioning.

Police say they were able to locate the weapon used in the offense and gather physical evidence.

A letter released by the police department Friday praises the volunteers' work:

"These members followed their training and provided excellent assistance by giving timely and accurate information so the responding officers could secure the scene, locate suspects, and complete and investigation."

"They really did a wonderful job and I'm proud that I belong to a unit that has obeyed the rules and done the right thing," fellow COP volunteer Jack Karch said.

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