Deadline approaching to file taxes

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Even though the deadline is April 17th instead of the 15th this year millions are still waiting until the last minute to file their taxes.

The IRS says it has received just 91 million returns of the 144 million it expects for the 2011 tax year.

There are a variety of reasons people choose to wait and it keeps tax experts very busy during the end of the season.

"First off you've got your procrastinators, you've got your people who owe, maybe the more difficult tax returns and you've got also the people who've tried to do them themselves and had some issues," says H&R Block Manager Shelley Finn.

Finn runs the Covington branch and finds lots of people are missing out on extra money.

"We're finding a lot of money that people have missed. Credits that weren't given to them they didn't think were available. They're just overwhelming at the money that was missed out there because of the lack of knowledge," says Finn.

At Liberty Tax in West Price Hill there has been a steady stream of last minute clients in the morning and evening after people get off work.

"The greater majority of people get refunds and most of them are pretty happy about it and happy that it's done and that the stress is over," says Kevin Cunningham with Liberty Tax.

If you cannot file your taxes in time, you can file an extension but it has to be submitted by April 17th.

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