Avondale area apartment building leaks when it rains

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - Many people like to seek the shelter of their home when it rains, but for some residents of the Poinciana apartments in Avondale say the rain comes right through the ceiling and down their walls.

Adrian Kendall pieces of her ceiling fall every time it rains. The water causes mold which she says threatens her family's health. "Me and my kids' safety, they've been getting sick and everything a whole lot and they don't usually be getting sick and I think it has something to do with this apartment," said Kendall.

Lakeyda Woody lives in the apartment below Kendall and has standing water on her kitchen floor and mold growing inside her walls.  "I have two children and we have chronic asthma and allergies, and we have real bad mold in here," said Woody.

Another neighbor, Tiffany James worries about water running into electrical outlets. "The fact that they're not even coming over here to stop it, put a plastic up, cover the wires, cut the electric, I mean you didn't bother to see, secure the electric off yourself, we did that on our own and we're like where's the help," said James.

Adrian, Lakeyda and Tiffany have complained repeatedly to management.  A maintenance crew was sent over, but didn't offer much help. "Its raining inside this lady's house and the only thing they can tell us is wait till Monday, they didn't even try to help mop up," said Woody.

In our commitment to balanced news FOX19 reached out to the management company, CentralCincinnati Properties, to get their side of the story, but they have not returned our phone calls.

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